Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Do Believe Winter Is Finally Done....

So, to continue where I left off on Monday, after I forgot to change batteries, I did go back to the Arboretum later that same afternoon and even tho it was a little breezy, I was able to capture the magnolias that are in bloom right now.  They are so fleeting, as all Spring flowers seem to be.  The beauty of Spring comes and goes so quickly we really do need to "stop and smell the roses".  This time next week, I am afraid that most of these beauties will have fallen to the ground,

Many of our flowering trees and shrubs have not burst into bloom yet, in fact my quince bush that always blooms each spring with bright pink flowers seems to be in idle mode.  There are tiny buds, but even after the warmth of the weekend weather they are still just as tight as they were last week. I will be disappointed if there are no blooms this year, but I fear that may be the case.  I think Winter was so harsh on our plants that some may not burst forth this year.

Eventho we are still waiting on blossoms, many of our trees have begun to sprout new leaves...those fresh young, bright green leaves.

I even found a red berry or two still left from the winter...

I do believe Winter has finally decided it's done (I say that ofcourse with fingers crossed).

"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." 
 ~ Eden Phillpotts 

Until next time.....

Monday, April 21, 2014

More to Come....

Boy, you talk about a bird-brain, not the beautiful robin pictured above, but me....arghhh!! Yesterday's weather was stunning, the warmest in over 10 years for an Easter Sunday which I am sure was God's way of saying, "Thanks for sticking thru that "god" awful winter I dumped at you, now I am treating you to the best Easter weather ever."  And it was glorious.  I will even have to admit getting a little too warm sitting out on my daughter's patio yesterday afternoon, can you believe that came out of my mouth..."too warm???"  ahh we humans, so fickle.

Anywhoo, I knew that the Arboretum would be absolutely packed all weekend, so decided that due to the wonderfully warm weather, there must be tons of blossoms and buds bursting everywhere and today would be the perfect day to go with camera in hand.  Only (this is where bird-brain enters) I forgot to change the battery in my camera. Only after I pulled into the parking lot and taking a couple of shots, that I realized the battery was low.  After saying a few choice words under my breath.....I headed back home to change the battery.  Thank goodness I only live 4.85 miles from the arboretum. When I arrived back home and put in the 2nd battery, it too was low on power. while I am waiting for one of the two (that's why I have two, so I have a back-up....I did mention bird brain didn't I??) batteries to charge thought I would post the only 2 pics I came away with.  And this is only the parking lot....can you imagine what lies ahead?  Stay tuned....more blossoms to come.

Until next time.....

Friday, April 18, 2014

Signs of Spring

Yippee, we are finally, and I really mean that, finally we are seeing signs of Spring in our corner of the world.  Now those little buds probably aren't the most robust signs of Spring, but for me those little tiny nubs of color represent signs of the beauty that will burst forth in days to come.  With the forecast of 60's and 70's with a shower or two is indeed the requirement we need to finally leave old man Winter behind, good riddance I say, and a halleluja welcome to Spring.

The daffodils are making an appearance but with that snow earlier this week, it kinda lowered their little faces downward...I am hoping with the sun back and the temps more springlike, their little faces will once again turn upward toward that warming sun.

Another huge sign of Spring, at least around my house, is Cinder is no longer wearing her bright red Christmas sweater.  She was so out of fashion for far too long so begone and another good riddance....I did buy her a bright pink one somewhere around February, but there must have been something in the material that bothered her because she scratched it until it was literally in shreds, so it was back to the red one.  And fyi, Toby is making great strides in healing.  And he sits still and lets me put in those ear drops without a whimper or a snarl.

No, the tulips are not blooming here yet, still have to purchase them at TJ's, but what would Easter week be without those beautiful blooms that represent Spring and new life.....

Today we Christians honor and celebrate "Good Friday", the day that Jesus Christ died on the cross for mankind.  In these last 40 days prior to Easter Sunday I have given much thought and tried to be mindful of giving up something "bad" for Lent.  No, I did not give up candy or Pepsi or desserts, but what I have tried to give up is apathy, jealousy and being judgemental, being more mindful of conversations, and realizing that with each passing day my life has decreased by one, so living it to it's fullness and awareness is of the utmost importance.

Happy Easter, friends, may your life be full of the grace of new life.

If you have a moment, please hop over to my collaborative blog "Focusing On Life" where I am musing on the platform of our lives.

Until next time....